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Musakhail et al.

About the Journal

ISSN: 2821-3300

Hyperscience International Journal (HIJ) is a global Open Access Journal that releases original research articles quarterly across various domains including Physics, Mathematics, Geophysics, Computer Sciences, Biology, General Science, and Philosophy, encompassing specific fields as detailed below...

The aim of HIJ is to publish original and high-quality research papers.

Astrophysics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Radio telescope, physics of astronomy that covers planets and exoplanets, star systems, and galaxies, Quantum Mechanic Physics, (Theoretical & Experimental Physics), Mathematical Physics, and related topics, High energy particle physics, particle theory, phenomenology and an experiment that ignores gravity, quantum gravity and string theory, relativity and cosmology, classical physics of special and general relativity including cosmology and application in astrophysics, Thermodynamics and energy, statistical mechanics and classical physics, topics of general physics outside of relativity and quantum theory, Geophysics, climate research, mathematical physics (including all mathematical research related to physics, history and philosophy of physics.

Set Theory and Logic, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Algebra, Geometry, Topology, Functions and Analysis,
Statistics, General Mathematics.

Computational Science
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Structures and Algorithms including software generation.

Biochemistry and the origins of life, Physics of Biology including quantum biology and bio-physics, Mind Science covering psychology, neuroscience and consciousness, Quantitative Biology.

General Science and Philosophy

General Science and Philosophy including multi-discipline science and complexity.

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Vol. 4 No. 2 (2024): HyperScienceIJ
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Published: 2024-06-09


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